At Lugg, we pride ourselves on making moves easy, efficient, and stress-free for everyone—including influencers and interior designers! Recently, we had the pleasure of helping Dani Klarić, a renowned interior designer at Euphoria Collective, with her big move in Miami. Here's a glimpse into her journey, from moving out of her mid-century modern rental to finding her forever home with her partner Bello of Bello's Film Lab.

Moving Out of the Mid-Century Modern Home

Last year, Dani moved into a beautiful mid-century modern rental home in Miami. When she signed the lease, her landlord informed her that the house would only be available for one year before it would be torn down. Downsizing her belongings, she donated and sold items on Facebook Marketplace. The remaining items were packed into two huge storage units. This was a significant move, and Lugg was there to help every step of the way.

Dani's Transition to Storage Units

Once Dani's home was cleared, we carefully transported her belongings to two large storage units. Our team ensured everything was safely stored while Dani and Bello searched for their dream forever home in Miami.

Finding Dani's Dream Home

Fast forward a few weeks, and Dani and Bello finally closed on their dream home in Miami. The excitement was palpable, and it was time for the final move. Lugg was ready to assist once again, transporting everything from the storage units to their new home.

The Final Move: Into Dani's Dream Home

Our team efficiently moved all of Dani's belongings from the storage units into her new home. From start to finish, Lugg made sure the process was smooth and stress-free, allowing Dani and Bello to settle into their new home without any hassle.

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