Lugg's Visit to High Point Market

This past weekend, Alex Dolat, Lugg’s Head of Partnerships, embarked on an insightful journey to the renowned High Point Market, the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world. Nestled in the heart of North Carolina, this market is a melting pot of innovation, style, and inspiration, making it the perfect setting for someone of Alex’s role and passion. Here’s a recap of his trip and the emerging trends in the furniture and design world that are set to shape our living spaces.

Spotlight Session: Amber Lewis and Dennis Scully Discuss Future Interiors

One of the highlights of Alex’s trip was attending a captivating presentation featuring the talented interior designer Amber Lewis, of Amber Interior Design, in conversation with Dennis Scully, the charismatic host of the Business of Home podcast. Hosted at Four Hands, a leader in lifestyle home furnishings, the discussion offered profound insights into the evolving dynamics of home decor and the future of interior design.

high point market s24 lugg amber interiors four hands keynote
Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors Keynote at High Point Market

Key Exhibitors at High Point Market: Innovations and Insights

Alex’s agenda was packed with meetings that spanned the spectrum of style and innovation. From Deljou Art, known for its exquisite art pieces, to Codarus, which showcases Azzuro Living's luxurious outdoor furniture, each encounter provided a glimpse into the creative processes that drive the industry.

He explored the stylish and sustainable offerings of Lagoon, admired the sophisticated outdoor designs by Summer Classics, and delved into Modway’s affordable, modern pieces. Dovetail’s eclectic mix, EV Home’s contemporary solutions, Cosmos Furniture’s unique designs, and Safavieh Home’s rich, luxurious collections rounded out a tour de force of furnishings and decor.

One of the most exciting takeaways from the market was the evident shift in interior design trends. Texture and color are making a comeback, but not as we’ve known them. This new wave integrates bold, innovative uses of textures and a fresh palette of colors to create environments that feel both inviting and dynamic. Alex noted that this trend reflects a broader movement towards personalization and expression in living spaces, as homeowners and designers alike seek to create more meaningful and vibrant interiors.

How High Point Market Shapes the Future of Furniture and Design

Beyond identifying trends and forging partnerships, Alex’s visit to High Point Market was an educational expedition that highlighted the importance of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving industry. For professionals in the furniture and moving sectors, understanding these trends is crucial not only for forecasting consumer preferences but also for adapting business strategies to meet changing demands.

As Lugg continues to grow and adapt, the insights gained from High Point Market will undoubtedly influence our retail partnerships and service strategies.