Hello Providence! It's been two incredible years since Lugg rolled into your charming city, becoming an essential part of your moving and delivery experiences. As we celebrate this milestone, let's take a whimsical journey through the many ways Lugg has been more than just a service - we've been a partner in your adventures, big and small.

A Lugg for Every Occasion

Remember that time you found the perfect couch at a quaint store downtown but had no way to get it home? Or when you decided to declutter and needed to move things to storage? That's where we've stepped in, becoming your go-to for not just moving, but for store deliveries, hauling used items, storage shuffles, generous donations, and even making junk disappear (like magic!).

Lugg: Connecting Every Corner of Rhode Island

Our journey in Providence has been spectacular, but let's not forget, our wheels roll across the entire Ocean State! From the bustling streets of Warwick to the serene shores of Newport, Lugg is here to connect every dot on the Rhode Island map. Imagine this - you're in IKEA, eyeing that perfect piece of furniture for your Newport beach house, but how do you get it there? Enter Lugg. We make those deliveries a breeze, ensuring your finds reach you, no matter where you are in Rhode Island.

Safe, Sound, and Insured

We know entrusting your belongings to someone else can feel like a leap of faith. That's why every move, delivery, and junk removal with Lugg is fully insured. It's like wrapping your items in a cozy blanket of security – we handle everything with care, giving you peace of mind.

Lugg Storage move in Providence, Rhode Island.
Storage move in Providence, Rhode Island.

A Lugg Story in Every Town

Every Rhode Island town has its own Lugg story. In Cranston, we've helped families move into their dream homes. In Barrington, we've helped transport precious antiques to new homes. And let's not forget Providence, where we've assisted countless students moving in and out of dorms.

Lugg: More Than a Service, A Part of Providence

In two years, we've become more than a service; we've become a part of the fabric of Providence. Part of your facebook marketplace finds, your apartment upgrades, your big moves, and small changes. We're honored to be a chapter in your Providence story.

As we celebrate our anniversary in this beautiful city, part of the larger Boston market, we look forward to many more years of being there for you. Here's to another year of Lugging around Providence, making life a little easier, one move at a time. 🚚💫