We're thrilled to share some exciting news that's about to change the way you think about big moves. Say hello to Lugg Box, our latest innovation designed to make your larger moves smoother and more streamlined than ever!

🚚 Meet Your New Moving Hero: Lugg Box

Picture this: a spacious truck, at least 12ft long and 7ft tall, ready to accommodate all your large items. Whether it's your beloved apartment, a colossal sculpture, or that comfy L-shaped couch, Lugg Box handles it all. But it's not just about size – our professional team is committed to moving your items safely and swiftly, ensuring peace of mind every step of the way.

🛋️ More Space, Less Hassle

Lugg Box is the answer to your big moving challenges. It's perfect for businesses relocating inventory, artists with large installations, or anyone embarking on a new chapter in a new home. And the best part? Our user-friendly booking process makes arranging your big move as easy as a tap on your phone. With Lugg Box, you can fit more in each trip, meaning less worry and more efficiency.

🌆 Launching in Major Cities, Coming Soon Nationwide

We're starting this exciting journey in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Jose, Orange County, and New York City. And that's just the beginning! We're planning to expand Lugg Box nationwide in 2024, bringing this innovative moving solution to even more people across the country.

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to move effortlessly with Lugg Box. We're here to make those big, heavy-lifting moves a breeze – all with just one tap.

Your next big move just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Lugg Box!